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Did Geoff Johns just reveal the title and focus of the Wonder Woman sequel?

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Jun 1, 2018, 4:44 PM EDT

Last week, rumors arose that Warner Bros. was snapping up website domain names that had to do with Wonder Woman and every year of the 1980s, which has something to do with the upcoming sequel.

According to Domain Name Wire, the studio allegedly had registered everything between and, as well as domains like,,, and

The general idea was that one of these URLs could give some indication of the title for the second Wonder Woman movie, which is slated for release next year — and, it turns out, there might actually be something there. Today, DC's chief creative officer, Geoff Johns, posted a photo on Facebook that simply reads "WW84." It was already confirmed that the sequel would be set sometime in the 1980s, but Johns' post seems to point toward 1984 as the film's official setting. Johns also made the logo his Twitter header photo. 

Given the fact that Diana Prince (played by Gal Gadot) fights against oppression and tyranny, the possible title of Wonder Woman: 1984 got us wondering: Could it be a reference to George Orwell's classic dystopian novel set in the same year, where human freedom and expression are cruelly suppressed by the government?

Returning as director, Patty Jenkins recently promised that the movie would start filming "shockingly soon." In addition, when asked if he was still a producer on the sequel, Zack Snyder confirmed on his Vero social media account that, indeed, he's still onboard. Snyder had stepped back from directing Justice League following a family tragedy, and unsubstantiated rumors later surfaced claiming that the director was forced to leave. 


Credit: Vero/Josh Weiss

Wonder Woman 2 (or perhaps Wonder Woman: 1984) hits theaters Nov. 1, 2019. Kristen Wiig will play the villain known as Cheetah, while Pedro Pascal has been cast in a currently unknown role.