George Romero bringing race car zombies to life in Road of the Dead

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May 23, 2017, 2:54 PM EDT (Updated)

Who says the zombie genre is dead? George Romero, the 77-year-old filmmaker who spawned the modern zombie age in 1968 with his indie horror flick Night of the Living Dead, is back with a new high-octane project involving his beloved deadheads.

Teaming up with Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, Romero will co-write and produce George A. Romero Presents: Road of the Dead, a wacky NASCAR-meets-brain-eaters movie that invents a whole new spectator sport where zombies get behind the wheel of souped-up automobiles for the pleasure of the wealthy.

Here's the description as told to Indiewire:

"The story is set on an island where zombie prisoners race cars in a modern-day coliseum for the entertainment of wealthy humans. Birman describes the project as Road Warrior meets Rollerball at a NASCAR race, with significant inspiration from Ben-Hur.”

Directorial and co-writing duties will be performed by Matt Birman, Romero's friend and collaborator. Birman was second-unit director on Romero's last trio of zombie films, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead.

Romero adamantly bowed out of the zombie game last year when he declared the entire genre dead after the over-saturation of horror fare like The Walking Dead and World War Z. With nowhere left to take the groaning shufflers, Romero seems to have had an epiphany after revisiting Birman's 10-year-old pitch that contained the insane notion of stuffing zombies into race cars. This reminds me a bit of Marvel's Battleworld title, Ghost Racers, or DC's Wacky Raceland, and I'm starting to think the master might be onto something here.

Would you go see a feature starring lead-footed zombies zooming around a track with a blood-checkered flag in their sights?

(Via io9)

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