George Lucas digs Marvel's Han Solo comic so much he's buying its original art

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Aug 8, 2016, 12:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel's Star Wars: Han Solo spinoff title is one of my favorite titles of the summer, packed with breathtaking cinematic art, consistent pacing, vivid colors and a rousing, solid story centered around Solo and Chewie competing in the legendary multi-stage galactic race, the Dragon Void.  But don't take my word as gospel, listen to the architect of the Star Wars universe himself!  George Lucas is so enamored of the Han Solo comics that he's paid the creative team of writer Marjorie Liu and main artist Mark Brooks the ultimate compliment by requesting to purchase all Brooks' original art for Han Solo #1 and #2!  ALL OF IT!!  

The third issue of the dynamic new space opera series came out yesterday, Aug. 3. Mention must also be made of the fantastic Dexter Vines inks and eye-catching colors by Sonia Oback.

Brooks got word from the Lucasfilm camp on Monday night and posted the proud news on Facebook.

Original comic book art is expensive, sometimes drawing as much as thousands of dollars per page on artists' sites and auctions, and that's just for creators outside such legendary names like Kirby, Buscema, Adams, Lee, Steranko and Ross.  Heck, a single splash page of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's art from The Dark Knight Returns fetched $448K five years ago at auction.  But what's a billionaire care for plunking down some serious cash on a stash of stupendous Star Wars comic book art featuring the Millennium Falcon flying in the most notorious race in the cosmos?  

Are you a fan of this awesome new Han Solo comic, and do you think George should hog all the art or leave a little for the masses?

(Via Gamma Squad)

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