George R.R. Martin clarifies that, yes, he does still watch Game of Thrones

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Aug 24, 2017

Author George R.R. Martin made a few waves when he reportedly said he’s so busy writing that he doesn’t have time to keep up with his hit series Game of Thrones anymore. Well, don’t worry — Martin is still among the millions of fans who check out the HBO series on a weekly basis. He’s just a bit behind.

The report came from a recent interview with Metro, where Martin said he’s so busy with writing, traveling, and working on other projects that he doesn’t have much time left to watch Thrones these days. Now, in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, he’s clarified that he does still watch the show. It’s just that his recent trip abroad on a press tour meant he got behind on the current season, and he thinks his comments may have been misconstrued.

If anything, it sounds like Martin may have slightly misspoke or been misinterpreted on the interview circuit. The guy is obviously busy, but yeah, he certainly still keeps up with the show. He just might be bingeing it a bit more than checking in weekly. But c’mon — the dude obviously knows where the story is going anyway, right?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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