George R.R. Martin releases new chapter from long-delayed Winds of Winter novel

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May 11, 2016

George R.R. Martin is currently writing the next novel in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter. But to appease his many fans, who have to wait years between book releases, he occasionally relieves us of our ASoIaF agony by soothing us with a few chapters before the official publication. GRRM has posted the most recent chapter today.

It’s from the point of view of Arianne, Princess Doran Martell’s daughter, and cousin to the Sandsnakes. 

Here, Arianne and her retinue (which includes her young cousin Elia) travel to the Stormlands to meet Jon Connington to determine whether Dorne should ally themselves with him. As we know from the previous book, A Dance With Dragons, Connington has something that Arianne wants. Or rather, someone.

Connington, aka the Griffin, isn’t where Arienne thought he would be. But a company of sellswords are.

And what they learn isn’t pretty.

“No one’s been doing any raping,” insisted Young John Mudd. “Connington won’t have that. We follow orders.”

Chain nodded. “Some girls was persuaded, might be.”

“The same way our small folk were persuaded to give you all their crops. Melons or maidenheads, it’s all the same to your sort. If you want it, you take it.” Lady Mertyns turned to Arianne. “If you should see this Lord Connington, you tell him that I knew his mother, and she would be ashamed.”

Check out the chapter here.

Sadly, this means the previous chapter that GRRM had released, from the point of view of Alayne Stone, aka Sansa Stark, has disappeared. You’ll see it again when The Winds of Winter is released. Whenever that will be.

Martin will be appearing at Balticon, a Baltimore science fiction convention, on the weekend of May 27-30. At many of his convention appearances, he frequently reads from upcoming chapters of his works. Will he be reading the Arianne chapter? Or will he be giving us something else entirely? 

Watch this space. And let us know in the comments what you think of the chapter.

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