George R.R. Martin reveals which Thrones storyline he's 'dreading'

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Dec 17, 2012

Game of Thrones' third season is shaping up nicely.The cast is growing, the writers are at work, and anticipation is high. George R.R. Martin, the creator of Westeros, is just as excited as we are, but there's at least one brutal upcoming storyline he's both excited and worried about. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The third season of the hit HBO series will focus on the first half of A Storm of Swords, the third novel in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Some events in the novel will be shifted around in the adaptation, so Martin's still not sure which major events in the books will appear in season three and which will appear in season four, but he knows which of those events is most on his mind.

"I don't know that the word 'looking forward to' is the word I want, but I'm anticipating but also dreading a certain event with the initials R.W., and that's all I can say about it," Martin said.

Now, for those of you who haven't read the book yet, we'll warn you one more time. We're going to talk about this event and spill BIG, HUGE SPOILERS! If you don't want to know, click away now. Here, we'll even give you a little space to make up your mind before we get to the good stuff.

Last warning...

Still here? OK, here we go.

The initials "R.W." refer to an event in A Storm of Swords known as the "Red Wedding," a marriage celebration that results in the betrayal and murder of Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark and many of their loyal soldiers. Martin's referred to it in the past as the hardest thing he's ever written, and if the TV show remains loyal to the major events of the novels, it's bound to come up by the end of season four. It definitely won't be pleasant, and there's always the chance HBO will avoid it to hold on to some characters, but either way it's a big moment that Martin and the show's writers are about to revisit.

What Storm of Swords moment are you most looking forward to seeing on screen?

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