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George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards has not one, but two series in development at Hulu

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Nov 13, 2018, 7:35 PM EST (Updated)

When it comes to creating new television shows based on existing literary properties, why develop just one when you develop two at once? Such must be the thinking at Hulu at the moment because Deadline reports they're about to open a "writers room" with the purpose of creating two new shows based on the Wild Cards series by Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin. When put together, the two shows would create an instant Wild Cards television universe and could compete for interstellar domination. 

Both series will be written (and executive produced) by Andrew Miller, who has an overall deal with Universal Cable Productions. Also on the executive producing team will be Melinda Snodgrass, Vince Gerardis, and Martin himself. 

Unlike Thrones' alternate fantasy world, Wild Cards is set in the (somewhat) present day. It explores what happens after an alien virus was released in 1946 Manhattan, which killed 90% of the people it infected. Those who survived might have wished that they hadn't, as some of them developed awful physical deformities. A small (lucky) group of the survivors developed super powers, however.

The virus itself is called the "Wild Card Virus," because it is passed down over generations and can pop up at any time, sometimes triggered by traumatic events. When it appears, the affected person either dies, becomes deformed, or gains powers. (We know which one we would choose.) The series mostly focuses on victims of the virus determining what their respective futures will be. 

Before you start screaming about Martin himself adapting any of this material personally (instead of working on the long-delayed The Winds of Winter), worry not — due to his exclusive deal with HBO (which includes several Game of Thrones spinoff shows) he is unable to lend his slow-moving pen to the proceedings. It's the same situation as that of the Martin's Nightflyers adaptation, which is soon coming to SYFY. 

How much television will Hulu be able to squeeze out of the Wild Cards series, which as of now contains 27 volumes? We're going to venture that they'll be able to squeeze a whole lot.