George Lucas begins casting live-action Star Wars TV series

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

MTV News reports that casting for a live-action Star Wars TV series is currently underway.

News of the potential production first surfaced in 2005 while George Lucas was promoting Revenge of the Sith, but work on the Clones Wars animated feature film and Cartoon Network series took creative precedence. In late 2007, Lucas revealed that he and his team were about to begin writing scripts for the live-action show.

Acording to MTV News, Rose Byrne let slip during the junket for the Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing that Team Lucas is casting a wide net for actors to join the show. "A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it," she said.

Asked whether she planned to audition, Byrne replied, "I don't know if I look that good in space."