George Takei reveals: William Shatner was 'oblivious' he was gay

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Even though Star Trek's own original Mr. Sulu—actor George Takei—came out as a gay man a good part of a decade ago, it seems most of his Star Trek colleagues back in the the day were already well aware of the actor's sexual preferences even though at the time he was still in the closet. All but a certain someone who remained completely oblivious of that fact for, well ... decades.

In an interview with Mother Jones, George Takei spoke about Japanese internment camps, his involvement as an activist and—of course—the fact that he is a gay man.

The actor also talked about his perhaps-not-so-closeted-days when he was on Star Trek: TOS (1966-1969).

Asked by the interviewer whether Takei was out of the closet during his Star Trek days the actor said:

No. I was quietly out with a very small circle of my gay friends. I went to gay bars and I was a member of a gay running club, you know, but we knew the social climate. At bars I sometimes recognized other actors. We might nod and smile, maybe have a brief conversation but when we'd encounter each other on the studio lot we played as though that hadn't happened.

George Takei then went on to discuss the fact that even though he was not officially out of the closet, most of the Star Trek cast knew the actor was gay. Except from one very oblivious William Shatner aka Capt. James T. Kirk:

Most of them knew, but they were cool. They knew what impact it could have on an actor's career. Once I was at work chatting with Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov, and he started gesturing at a group of young extras who were dressed in the Starfleet shirt. There was a gorgeous young guy with a fantastic build and that tight shirt on him and that's when I knew that Walter knew. I turned back to him and he was grinning. He was helping me out! Bill [Shatner] was oblivious. In fact, when he was on the Howard Stern Show, Howard had me call in and chat with Bill. I mentioned Brad and he didn't know who Brad was. Everybody knew! We had a very public wedding. Bill says, "Who's Brad?"

How ... NOT surprising. Don't you guys agree?

(via Mother Jones)