Gerard Way on the stranger side of DC Comics with Doom Patrol and Young Animal

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Apr 5, 2017

Nearly all of the Young Animal imprint books have completed or surpassed their first story arcs and are among the coolest reads in the current slate of DC Comics. We caught up with the overseeing curator of the imprint, Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys), who writes Doom Patrol with artist Nick Derington and co-writes Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye with Jon Rivera and art from Mike Avon Oeming. Also part of the imprint are Mother Panic, Shade the Changing Girl and the upcoming fifth Young Animal title, Bug! The Adventures of Forager.

The musician/writer was initially lured into the Young Animal imprint by former editor Shelly Bond, whose meticulous attention to detail and style was apparent in the launch. Since her departure, Jamie S. Rich has taken over as line editor, and Way told me that he is helping by putting more focus on the story development and boiling down all of the ideas for the line so that each story is tight and efficient. Each of the four titles has been gaining critical acclaim and is appearing on readers' radars of must-read comics.

In the video below, Way talked about the imprint building momentum and growing readership, introducing two new characters to the Doom Patrol in two emergency medical technicians, Casey Brinke and Sam Reynolds as the vehicles into this zany world, plus how he brought his personal understanding of mental health struggles to the complex character of Crazy Jane.

As a bonus, Way assured us that while Young Animal initially delayed the schedule to keep the third volume of Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, the follow up to UA: Dallas on track, now that the imprint is past the first six months it is running smooth and allowed for Way to align his schedule with artist Gabriel Ba. They currently are three issues into production and Way expects the return of the Eisner Award-winning comic to hit shops later this year.

Watch below and let us know if you’re reading any books from the Young Animal imprint and what your thoughts are so far.


Interview with Gerard Way on the growth of Young Animal imprint and writing Doom Patrol

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