Gerard Butler to voice Dragon's Viking

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Scots have done well for DreamWorks Animation. Mike Myers turned Shrek into a faux Scottish ogre and the studio's biggest franchise. Now DreamWorks has the real deal its 2010 animated fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon: Scotsman Gerard Butler voices Stoick the Vast.

"I play a Viking," Butler said in a group interview in Beverly Hills, Calif., after a Saturday press conference for The Ugly Truth. "It's actually about Vikings. It's a world of Vikings fighting dragons."

Fellow Scotsman Craig Ferguson joins Butler in the cast. "I love Craig," Butler said earlier in the press conference. "He plays my best friend. He plays Gobber."

Based on the Cressida Cowell book, Dragon centers on a young Viking who comes of age and befriends a dragon instead of hunting him. While he's learning valuable lessons about judging creatures for what's on the inside.

"It's called How to Train Your Dragon," Butler said, adding: "Normally that would sound way more innocent than it does in this press conference. It's a DreamWorks animated movie for kids, or maybe it isn't. It might be a huge con. 'Oh, that's what that meant.'"

How to Train Your Dragon opens March 26, 2010.