German Avengers trailer features even more snark from Tony Stark

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Jun 25, 2015

We've known for a while that The Avengers is heavy on the Iron Man, but some trailers make it easier to notice than others. The new German trailer for the flick is virtually the same as the one we saw last week, but with an extra dose of Tony Stark's lightning-fast wit.

New clips of Tony being Tony can be found at about the 58-second mark and the 2:14 mark. The footage is dubbed in German, so we can't know exactly what Stark is saying unless we get a lip reader in (any volunteers?). Still, you can tell from the expressions on everyone's faces that Iron Man and Captain America are at it again, and Cap's whole upstanding-Boy-Scout thing is once again being played for laughs.

The first clip is noteworthy not just because Iron Man is busting Cap's chops, but because of the thing on the table behind them. It's clearly an Asgardian weapon, and we can assume that it came to Earth (Midgard, for you Norsemen out there) courtesy of Loki. We have no idea what role it will play, but turning Tony Stark loose on the weapons of the gods sure seems like fun.

The second clip features Stark toying not only with Steve Rogers (again), but also with Bruce Banner, prodding at him as he too mulls over the Asgardian blade on display. We've seen Banner take Stark's humor in stride in previous trailers (remember the "green rage monster" line from this one?) , and it seems he's still good-natured about it. Given that these two are the team's scientists, it makes sense that they'll be collaborating on things like dissecting otherworldly technology, and so far the rapport between them is working.

This would all be more fun if we knew what the hell Tony's saying in this new footage, but it's worth watching just to see the looks on everyone else's faces when he starts quipping.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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