Get a better look at Mars in 6 revealing new John Carter pics

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Dec 15, 2012

Pixar is giving John Carter a serious marketing push. They've released a new batch of photos that reveal the title character and his Martian buddies Woola, Tars Tarkas, and the beautiful Dejah Thoris.

John Carter centers on the self-titled character created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs. He's a Civil War veteran who gets transplanted to Mars and has to fend for himself against dangerous creatures. During his stay, he encounters his fair share of obstacles, like being forced to fight a giant white ape—gladiator style.

In these new photos, we see Carter together with his buddy Tars Tarkas, who's suffering from some serious wounds. He also gets some love from the dog-like Woola and Princess Dejah, who sees him as her savior. Side note: Is it hard for anyone else to forget that Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins are Gambit and Silver Fox from X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Similar to Avatar, John Carter is a live-action and motion-capture hybrid. But unlike James Cameron's film, Carter doesn't look as lively. Perhaps it's because instead of a lush, forest-like planet, they're on dusty Mars? Hopefully the film will be more visually interesting than these photos and the trailer.

John Carter opens in theaters March 9.

What do you think of the latest batch of photos from John Carter?

(SFX via Comics Beat)

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