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Credit:  Titmouse Inc.

Get a glimpse of a rejected reel from Donald Glover's animated Deadpool series

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Mar 30, 2018, 5:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Since news first broke that FX would no longer be making Donald Glover's animated Deadpool show, more and more details about the project have begun to seep out.

First, Glover confirmed that the cancellation had nothing to do with a busy schedule and released a spoof script that roasted the network, gun control, the poaching of rare animals, and police brutality. In other words, no stone was left unturned, but he soon took down the 15 hilarious pages, perhaps at the legal behest of FX. Next, writer Stefani Robinson revealed that the show was going to be somewhat inspired by the zany antics on Rick and Morty.

Now animation studio Titmouse Inc. has jumped on the Deadpool-Glover bandwagon by releasing a rejected reel of animation for the series. "We heard Deadpool suffered a brutal and premature demise, but we all know he's not really dead. Take a peek at our animation test, it's aight #donaldglover #ryanreynolds @donaldglover #brunch," wrote the company on Twitter

The scene (directed by Barry J. Kelly and produced by Chris Pryonski) shows Deadpool attacking a bunch of bad guys at a dock, and Titmouse made the smart decision to use clips of Ryan Reynolds's dialogue from the live-action movie. With an almost herky-jerky animation style with gritty art, the clip looks to be inspired by various anime, as well as animated features by Warner Bros. like Batman: The Killing Joke.

Not all of the reel is completely animated; some of it just shows up as 2D drawings, but that just adds to the whole "Deadpool-ness" of the piece. Remember when Wade was complaining about the CG for Cable's arm not being finished in the first trailer for Deadpool 2 (out May 18)?

By the end of the clip, the regenerating degenerate's lost all his limbs, but not before killing all the bad guys, including a jacked gorilla humanoid who gets his head sliced to a pulp by a rotating helicopter blade (a la that jacked Nazi dude from Raiders of the Lost Ark).

The whole thing is well done, and even incorporates real-world images like cracking eggs (use your imagination for what they're meant to represent) in tandem with the slick animation. It's a wonder why this test was rejected and, more importantly, why the show was cancelled!