Get a good look at even more big, bad Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles

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Jul 5, 2015, 4:50 PM EDT

It just wouldn't be a Mad Max movie without a fleet of badass, post-apocalyptic rides, and if nothing else director George Miller definitely seems to be delivering on that score for Mad Max: Fury Road. We've already glimpsed an awesome gas truck, and now even more set photos have emerged, including a glimpse at a massive truck loaded down with speakers.

We still don't know too much about the flick yet. We know Tom Hardy's taking over for Mel Gibson, and we know Charlize Theron has some role to play. As far as plot, we know Max is helping a band of women known as the "Five Wives" cross the wasteland, but why and how, we're not sure.

From the look of these pics, though, the flick is set up to be chock-full of driving, and the vehicles are as inventive as ever. We can't wait to see that speaker truck in action on the big screen, and even the smaller vehicles with their rusty spikes look nice and wicked.

Check out all the pics below. What do you think? Is the look of the film so far what you were hoping for?

(Via AICN)