Get a mighty sneak peek at Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic book event

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Dec 4, 2017, 1:52 PM EST

Back at New York Comic Con, Boom! Studios teased the first major Power Rangers comic book event, something that's been hinted at since issue #0 — and now it's announced what the story will be.

Titled "Power Rangers Shattered Grid," the saga will play out in Boom! Studios' two ongoing series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers, along with two one-shot specials. This event is part of Saban’s 25th anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers worldwide craze, with more graphic novels and comics to be announced later in the year.  


“Over the last two years, I've been weaving threads in the pages of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all leading to the 25th anniversary of the franchise," said Kyle Higgins in a statement from Boom! about "Shattered Grid." "Lord Drakkon's plan is so much bigger than our Rangers, our world, and even our universe. The Grid is shattering, every Power Ranger in all of existence is at risk, and it's going to take more than just the Mighty Morphin team to stand against Drakkon's armies.”

Shattered Grid begins on March 21, 2018 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 and will be polybagged to avoid the story’s details from being spoiled. The story then goes to Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers on April 9. As writer Ryan Parrott teased in a statement, “A fan-favorite Ranger from the future is going to arrive, searching for Drakkon — and end up dividing our team in a very personal way.”

Check out the official synopsis of Shattered Grid:

Lord Drakkon — a twisted alternate-reality version of Tommy Oliver (AKA the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger) — and his newly reformed deadly army will cross dimensions in order to execute on a plan that threatens the very existence of every Power Ranger ever. For the first time in comic book history, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will join forces with some of the most popular Power Rangers teams in the franchise to face the threat.


Fans can expect lots of variants. There are six main covers of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 with art by Goñi Montes. A Lord Drakkon chase variant will be produced for collectible hunters and be randomly inserted into the polybagged editions. Those who don't want to buy one of the bagged editions can rest easy knowing that there will be loose variants by Humberto Ramos, Jordan Gibson, as well as one with a wraparound cover by Scott Koblish that boasts every Power Ranger ever created (see above).

Digital copies will be available on the print release dates on comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the Boom! Studios app.