Get a sneak peek at Doctor Who's newest (old) Season 8 villain

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Jan 31, 2014

Filming is in full swing on Series 8 of Doctor Who, and we’ve got a sneak peek at a very notorious, real-life Big Bad.


Recent filming on the series (this past Wednesday, to be exact) showed a Victorian setting, as the produccers apparently were re-creating the haunted atmosphere of Whitechapel circa 1888, when Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of London (which would, in turn, reconfirm the presence of the Paternoster gang -- if you’ll recall, Madame Vastra did say she ATE Jack the Ripper in 1888).

According to the Daily Mail, the actors were busy re-creating a murder scene.

Neither Peter Capaldi nor Jenna Coleman were on set while filming took place. The unknown but sinister and pasty-looking actor who’s playing Jack the Ripper was seen sporting a top hat with green dots on it (for CGI, no doubt) as well as a cybernetic eyepiece thingy.

Have a look at the gallery, and the video, below.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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