Get a sneak peek at Warner Bros.' new Batman 75th-anniversary exhibit

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:22 AM EDT (Updated)

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, Warner Bros. is launching a tour through the Dark Knight's cinematic history.

Ever since Warner Bros. released Tim Burton's Batman in 1989, the character's remained one of the most succcessful and enduring big-screen superheroes. He's had more adventures at the movies than any other hero, with seven films in 25 years, and he's already got his next appearance lined up in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman's still a big deal at the movies, and to celebrate that -- plus 75 years of the character being a big deal in general -- Warner Bros. has added a new limited-time Batman exhibit to its Burbank, Calif., studio tour beginning June 26.

The tour begins with guides pointing out various Batman studio locations on the Burbank lot, then moves to the Studio Tour's museum, which will have more than half of its ground floor newly devoted to Batman. There visitors will see a wall of Bat-cowls from the various Batman films, six Batsuits -- including Michael Keaton's original 1989 suit and Christian Bale's Dark Knight Rises suit -- from throughout the character's movie history, weapons like the Joker's playing cards, Bane's bomb and the Penguin's umbrella, and the costumes of villains like Mr. Freeze, the Riddler and Catwoman.

The exhibit also extends to the Warner Bros. Car Museum on the studio lot, which will house various Bat-vehicles, including Burton and Schumacher era Batmobiles, the Tumbler and Batpod from the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Bathammer and Batgirl's motorcycle. The exhibit will also give visitors the chance to operate the Bat-signal themselves.

Check out photos from the exhibit in the gallery below. Tickets are $54, and children 8 years and up are welcome. For information on ordering tickets and scheduling your tour, head to Warner Bros.' tours site.

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