Get an exclusive preview of Dynamite's eye-opening sci-fi thriller Myopia: The Rise of the Domes

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Spawned in 2016 from a successful Kickstarter campaign backed by literary luminaries like George R.R. Martin, Margaret Atwood, and Dean Koontz, Myopia was a sensational steampunk sci-fi one-shot with a delirious dash of old-fashioned charm and solid, involving storytelling.

Adapted from an award-winning short story by writer Richard Dent, it centered on the genetically altered Dr. James Chase and his special set of contact lenses that allowed for near-invisibility from the nefarious Central Lens Network.


Equipped with this trippy tech, he embarked on a dangerous mission to halt the new world order's violation of the Magnetic Energy Agreement and the government's cover-up to hide the disaster unleashed from extreme mining of the Earth's core.

Now, Dynamite is releasing the second part of this acclaimed alt-reality adventure with Myopia: The Rise of The Domes on May 30.

Written by Richard Dent with art by Patrick Berkenkotter and Ronilson Freire, the continuation of this speculative saga sees the stakes raised while the dystopian government decodes more of the virus deposited in the strange domes discovered at the Earth's magnetic poles.


This new development causes Ledge to betray Molly's trust, which places Matthew's mental health in jeopardy. Also threaded into the absorbing tale is the mysterious James Chase, who starts his first day working at the insidious Formula Media Corporation where he meets Jill, the sexy digital Formula Media Assistant who catalogs all the psychic imprints logged into the ever-present Central Lens Network.

SYFY WIRE spoke with Dent about the second installment of the Dynamite Special, and how this intriguing plot deepens in the next chapter, what his favorite scenes are, and what readers can look forward to in his visionary sci-fi journey.

myopia 2

"Myopia readers can anticipate a deeper understanding of how the lenses work, what the Magnetic Energy Agreement means, and more about why Bill Glen was murdered in the first 11 pages of the first issue," Dent explained. "We also see more of Jill, the computer who runs the lenses, and how the government has ties to Formula Media."

He added: "Although it felt a bit tricky to conceptualize, I really enjoyed writing the scene where Agent 3 is manipulating Matthew’s memories through the lenses. I also really love any scene with Jill. I feel the illustrations here really illuminate her all seeing presence in the world of Myopia."

myopia 3

Check out our seven-page exclusive peek at Myopia: The Rise of the Domes in the gallery below, then tell us if you've got both eyes focused on this fresh-faced steampunk follow-up from Dynamite.

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