Get another early look at legendary artist John Romita Jr.'s first Superman issue

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:22 AM EDT (Updated)

The John Romita Jr. era of Superman is about to begin, and you can get a brand-new sneak peek at it right now.

John Romita Jr. became a comics icon drawing the heroes of Marvel Comics for decades, happily working at the House of Ideas and rarely venturing away to other companies or creator-owned properties. So when it was announced earlier this year that Romita would be stepping across the street to finally take on one of DC Comics' biggest characters, fans were both stoked and a little nervous. What it would be like to live in a comics world where John Romita Jr. was drawing Superman full-time? Well, so far it's pretty great.

Because Romita's debut on Superman, working alongside writer Geoff Johns, is so anticipated by so many, DC hasn't been shy about letting us peek at the work. We saw some early promo art from Romita in February, we saw the first preview pages last month, and now we've got a few more, plus news of a mysterious new figure in Superman's life: a fellow "man of tomorrow" called Ulysses. Like Kal-El, Ulysses also arrived on Earth from a doomed planet, and though Johns and Romita haven't revealed much about what he wants, he's apparently just one of a series of new characters the pair hope to introduce during their run.

As for all the attention he's getting for switching companies and taking on an iconic hero he never really got to touch before, Romita acknowledges there are a lot of eyes on him in a way he's never quite experienced before, but he also sees it as a driving force for his work.

"People are paying attention, and I've never been one to think about it that way," Romita told USA Today. "Now I've made this big noise and people are thinking that I'm doing it to make noise. And while that may or may not be true, I'm getting that microscope.

"All that does to me is maybe pop a few more gray hairs, but it also makes me work that much harder."

So far, that hard work is really paying off in Superman's art. Check out three new lettered pages of Romita's first issue -- Superman #32 -- along with four different covers below. Then watch the man himself discuss where the story might be going in an interview with DC All Access.

The issue hits comic-book stores tomorrow (June 25), so get ready for a book everyone will be talking about this month.

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