Get the best look yet at Arrow's super-sneaky version of Harley Quinn

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

The producers behind TheCW's Arrow pulled one of the greatest super-sneaky cameos ever by sneaking Batman baddie Harley Quinn into the series a few weeks ago. Now we finally have a look at her.

Though we only got a brief peek at the back of Harley Quinn actress Cassidy Alexa during the recent “Suicide Squad” episode, series co-star Michael Rowe (aka Deadshot) has posted a behind-the-scenes pic that shows the relatively unknown actress in her full (adorably creepy) glory with the rest of the gang. Gotta love those pigtails.

Of course, the character’s one line was voiced by Batman: Arkham City’s Tara Strong, but the brief shot of her from behind seen in the episode was of Alexa. Check out the pic below, where she takes her rightful place alongside the Suicide Squad:

What do you think? Should they bring Alexa back if they ever formally introduce Quinn, or should they go with another actress (possibly Strong herself)?

(Via Comic Book Movie)