Get closer to Life's deadly alien in extended sneak peek

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

Sony has unveiled a tense new sneak peek at director Daniel Espinosa's (Safe House) Life along with a bunch of new images.

In the clip below, we see Ariyon Bakare taking a closer look at the small alien life form which (of course) seems relatively harmless at first but quickly turns into little demon from space hell as it latches onto his hand and wrist and ultimately crushes a couple of bones (or worse) under the horrified gaze of his helpless co-workers. Methinks none of them have seen a little movie called Alien!

Have a look at the sneak peek before jumping into the gallery below. Life, which centers on a team scientists aboard the International Space Station coming across a deadly Martian microbe, opens on March 24.

(via Comic Book Movie)