Get cool stuff and help someone get to TAM 7

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May 4, 2009

The Amaz!ng Meeting is sometimes called "The Woodstock of Skepticism", a comparison with which I agree. It's a fantastic event for the critical thinking community, where like-minded folks get together and hear from some of the leaders in the field.

It's not free to attend, though, and that means some people who'd like to come can't. To help alleviate that situation a little, people on James Randi's bulletin board throw an auction every year, and the proceeds go to a "scholarship" of sorts for people who need a little economic boost to attend.

The auction items for TAM 7 are on the board now, and they're pretty cool: be immortalized in Richard Wiseman's book! Eat lunch with the Skepchicks (and Sam)! I have it on good authority that more auctions will be forthcoming, so bookmark the page and start bidding. Hurry! The auctions end in a few days.

Also, the Secular Student Alliance, another worthy organization, is looking for donations for their own conference in August. Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist has the details.

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