Get Out is not in Rod's imagination and more theories explored by director Jordan Peele

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Dec 3, 2017, 12:30 PM EST

Jordan Peele finally took the time to confirm or deny those Get Out theories you've been agonizing over. Is the movie just a figment of Rod the TSA agent's imagination? Sorry to break it to you, no it's not. 

In a nine-minute video for Vanity Fair, Peele reviewed a bunch of fan theories from Reddit, which postulate about his directorial debut. He went through a number of different speculations on the movie that had to do with dialogue and symbolism. Some he agrees with wholeheartedly while others are chalked up to effects of THC on the brain.

With the film stepping back into the pop culture spotlight with a bunch of awards recognition, the time feels right to pick through the best-reviewed horror-thriller of the last year. Here are some major things we learned from Peele's theory/conspiracy breakdown:

1. The plot is not imagined by Rod:

As insane as the story turns out to be, Get Out is not a wild imaginary scenario of Chris's friend Rod, the TSA agent. While Peele loves this theory, he calls it 100% false. Many psychological horror-thrillers have used the imagination or dream cop out just one too many times so kudos to Peele for not treading into cliched territory. 

2. There's a Shining Easter egg hidden in the movie: 

At one point, Rod calls Chris from the airport. As he does this, we can hear an announcement for "Flight 237" over the loudspeaker in the background. The number, originally the haunted room in The Shining, has been used in horror movies ever since. Peele confirmed that the inclusion of 237 was intentional and calls it an "easy" Easter egg for fans of Stanley Kubrick. 

3. Get Out could be an unintentional sequel to Being John Malkovich:

 Is Peele's first movie a spiritual follow-up to Spike Jonze's uniquely bizarre 1999 movie about people entering the mind of John Malkovich? The connection is Katherine Keener who stars in both and Peele doesn't outright deny it. He says it's true as far as he's concerned. "It wasn't lost on me that I was able to get Kathrine Keener in her second, weird perspective-living-in-someone-else's-brain-movie. We joked about that." He also said he ran the theory by Jonze who laughed about it, so it's basically confirmed by both parties. We rest our case, your honor.