Get Out will compete in the comedy category at the Golden Globes

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Jordan Peele's Get Out  is a brilliant, genre-bending, subversive look at systemic racism — and it certainly had some comedic moments. Does that make it a comedy?

That could be the case at this year's upcoming Golden Globes.  

According to multiple reportsGet Out will compete in the Best Comedy/Musical category at the Hollywood Foreign Press' Association's boozy bash this year. 


Of course, the Globes has always famously lumped those two genres into the same competition field. If Get Out is nominated, it would potentially be placed in contention with The Big Sick; Lady Bird; I, Tonya; The Disaster Artist; and The Greatest Showman — all films favored to possibly receive awards attention. 

Placing the film in the comedy/musical category would give it a chance to rise above a potentially overstuffed dramatic group, but does it really belong there? It was a true horror film in every sense of the word, and it stayed with viewers long after the credits rolled.

Then again, the Golden Globes is anything but predictable. Last year alone had the jaunty musical La La Land nominated right alongside Deadpool. The year before had Ridley Scott's The Martian in the comedic category. Anything can and does happen at the Globes, so perhaps the good news is that Get Out is in contention at all. It certainly deserves to be. 

Side note- For what it's worth, Jordan Peele took to twitter to explain where the movie belongs: 

(via Entertainment Weekly)