Get a peek at more of Nolan's epic Interstellar in a new TV spot

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Sep 29, 2014

After a very long wait, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is finally taking shape before our eyes.

Interstellar is one of those films that movie nerds got impossibly excited for even before we really knew anything about it. "Christopher Nolan doing hard sci-fi" was, for a long time, the only thing we had to go on, but that was enough. Then footage from the film finally started to appear, and somehow our excitement grew, because everything we've seen so far looks like it proves we were right to call this movie one of the most anticipated of 2014. 

Now we're a little more than a month away from finally seeing Interstellar in all its glory on the big screen, and a new minute-long TV trailer has just been released to add to our anticipation with new footage and a few more details about the plot. We already knew the film is about a crew of people, led by Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who embark on a mission to save humanity by traveling through a wormhole and looking for habitable planets beyond our own solar system, while the Earth itself grows less and less able to support its population. Now we also know that there's an even stronger ticking-clock element to the plot than we knew (which we'll let the trailer explain for you). Cooper is caught between seeing his family again and saving the entire human race, and he might not be able to do either. 

The trailer also gives us a few new glimpses of footage with a particular focus on the mission and its participants, which apparently include a somewhat minimalist robot. Check it out below.

Interstellar arrives in theaters (finally) on Nov. 6.

(Via ScreenRant)

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