Get a peek at some new Who footage in this BBC season-eight preview

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Aug 7, 2014, 6:59 PM EDT (Updated)

We're still a couple of weeks away from Doctor Who's return, but you can see more footage from the upcoming eighth season now.

Anticipation is running very high when it comes to the return of Doctor Who. It's a new season, a new set of adventures and, most importantly, a new Doctor in the form of lifetime Who superfan Peter Capaldi. For a long time after he was cast, we saw almost nothing of Capaldi in the role, but now that the premiere of his first adventure is fast approaching, the BBC is dropping more and more snippets to get us excited for the Twelfth Doctor. 

Today we saw a brief report on the Doctor's return, and Capaldi's casting, from BBC News, and while a large portion of it is interviews with Capaldi himself, some of it is also footage from, according to Doctor Who TV, the second episode of the new season. It's not much, but we do get some new interactions between the Doctor and the outside world, and the return of one of the show's favorite enemies. Check it out:

Doctor Who returns with the season premiere, "Deep Breath," on Aug. 23. 

(Via Doctor Who TV)