Get ready for 12 Monkeys' premiere on Syfy with 2 new time-traveling clips

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Jan 14, 2015, 7:35 PM EST (Updated)

The new time-travel series 12 Monkeys is set to debut this Friday, and Syfy (Disclosure - Syfy is Blastr's corporate parent) has debuted two new clips from the twisty new drama.

We previously got a look at the opening nine minutes of the pilot, and now the network has offered up two more scenes from the opening episode. The more we see, the more we want to see this series. It’s an ambitious move to base a series on a film as revered as Terry Gilliam’s 1996 classic 12 Monkeys, but this is starting to look up to the task.

The clips follow up on some of the footage we’ve previously seen, as we get a feel for the dynamics among the cast and exactly how the time-travel components work as Cole (Aaron Stanford) makes his way back to the past to enlist Dr. Railly's (Amanda Schull) help to avert the virus that wipes out much of humanity.

Check out the footage below, and let us know what you think:

12 Monkeys premieres Friday, Jan. 16, on Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.).

(Via Syfy)