Get ready for the blitz with a thrilling new trailer for Suicide Squad

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Apr 10, 2016, 11:55 PM EDT

The MTV Movie Awards aired Sunday night, and more than one studio took advantage of the spotlight to show off some new footage from their upcoming potential blockbusters. The night revealed new clips from Captain America: Civil War and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but arguably the most interesting new offering was the third trailer for Suicide Squad.

The next DC Comics film from Warner Bros. Pictures is coming on the heels of a hotly debated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice release, so the studio really needs a win from director David Ayer and his all-star cast. It was recently reported that the production was heading back for reshoots to inject more humor into the story, and this trailer definitely reinforces the sense that this film will be about having fun.

In case you somehow haven't heard, the film follows a group of villains and antiheroes drafted by the government to carry out a secret mission for which the state will have full deniability. If they succeed, they're heroes and they might just walk away with their freedom. If they fail ... well, they just get swept under the rug. Sadly, this trailer still doesn't fully reveal exactly what threat the squad is expected to combat (smart money's on something to do with Enchantress, played by Cara Delevigne), but we do get to see them smash the heads of a few creatures this time out, and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) has a lot of fun tending bar for the whole crew. Check it out:

A final film is, of course, a very different animal than a trailer, but right now Ayer and company are making this look like a blast.

Suicide Squad arrives Aug. 5.

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