Get ready for the next Sesame Street parody: Stranger Things

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Oct 28, 2017, 2:34 PM EDT (Updated)

A few years back Sesame Street started doing pop culture parodies to help appeal to today’s generation of parents while capturing the viral nature of the internet. Some of them are obvious, like The Avengers / The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon, Star Wars / Star S’mores, Harry Potter / Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies, and Game of Thrones / Game of Chairs. Be prepared for Sesame Street’s latest parody, Stranger Things, specifically Season 2.

In their teaser trailer for "Sharing Things," Oscar the Grouch claims the skit will spoil everything in Season 2. So take it from Oscar: Get on with that Stranger Things Season 2 binge or else get things spoiled. See their official tweet:

Some of their parody choices are really interesting, as they’re clearly aimed at adults, not kids, because all of the puns and spoofs are references that only viewers of the mature television shows would get. They’ve done parodies of Sons of Anarchy (Sons of Poetry), House of Cards (House of Bricks), Homeland (Homelamb), Orange Is the New Black (Orange Is the New Snack), True Blood (True Mud), and yes, The Walking Dead (The Walking Gingerbread). 

In other words, a television show reaches a new level of awesome once a Sesame Street parody has been made of it. Most of them are done extremely well and are funny, especially if you get all the jokes they are making, which is another great reason to finish Season 2 of Stranger Things before that parody hits. You've got one month to do it.

According to the teaser, it will premiere this Thanksgiving. However, since new episodes air on HBO first, then nine months later on PBS, the sure-fire way to catch this  at its earliest (if you don't have HBO) is when and if it drops on the internet first.