Get ready for Winter Soldier with hilarious honest trailer for Captain America

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Mar 25, 2014, 6:14 PM EDT

Sure, all the focus is on Captain America: The Winter Soldier these days, but the next week we’ll spend waiting is a fine time to look back on the First Avenger flick that kicked off the story of Steve Rogers.

Though it is fun to poke at the pretty obvious Avengers setups sprinkled throughout the film, Captain America was the first Marvel flick to really prove they could blow up the genre and put it back together again. But that doesn’t mean it was perfect.

This hilarious “honest trailer” from Screen Junkies takes aim at the analog-ness of it all, the obvious casting of Hugo Weaving, the sequel setups ... and even fits in a few nice jabs at Brooklyn hipsters. Well played.

(Via Screen Junkies)