Get ready for Will Forte’s Last Man on Earth with 6 bizarrely cool clips

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Feb 24, 2015, 11:40 AM EST (Updated)

One of the most bizarre sitcoms of the year is set to premiere this Sunday, and now we have a ton of new clips from the genre-tinged tale of the Last Man on Earth.

The high-concept Fox series follows Will Forte as, literally, the last man on Earth. Forte wrote the script himself, and comedy heavyweights Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie) directed the pilot. It’s basically the comedy version of I Am Legend, just without the zombies. Oh, and the entire nation seemingly open for exploration.

The clips below finally give us a feel for what the series might actually look like, and no surprise, it’s dark and weird. But also funny. We don’t know much about how this concept will work as a full series, or what happened to all of humanity. But there have been other characters cast in the series (other survivors? flashbacks?), so it won’t be Forte completely by himself for the entire run. Apparently.

If nothing else, this is an ambitious pitch for a sitcom. In a field where just about everything feels like a shallow clone of Friends or How I Met Your Mother, we’re looking forward to the breath of fresh air. Here’s hoping it’s actually good, and maybe strong enough to fill that fresh Parks and Recreation-sized hole in our hearts.

Check out the clips, viral ads and trailers below:

Last Man on Earth debuts this Sunday on Fox. Will you be watching?

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