Get ready for a Wonderland TV series in which Alice ain't so nice

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Jan 29, 2013, 4:15 PM EST (Updated)

NBC is moving forward with its Alice in Wonderland pilot. It's a live-action, modernized sequel that takes some liberties with the source material. This isn't your grandma's version of Alice. The show stems from Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the long-running CSI franchise.  

Alice and Wonderland is "set in modern times and centers on Alice and a new character, Clara. Seven years ago, Clara’s life took an unexplained turn for the worse, and a mysterious stranger tells her there may be an explanation after all… an explanation that lies in the fantastical world of Wonderland. To revive her dreams and get her life back on track, Clara must wage war against Wonderland’s reigning Queen, the woman we once knew as Alice."

How's that for a turn of events? Alice isn't the heroine this time around. 

Keep in mind, there's another Alice property waiting in the wings. The CW is working with McG and Chad Hodge to create its own contemporary version called Wunderland. We guess you can thank ABC's Once Upon a Time and, most recently, Beauty & the Beast for this.

(via Deadline)

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