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Get Rec'd: 10 sci-fi and fantasy romance books to read this March

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Mar 12, 2020, 4:30 PM EDT

A new month is officially upon us! That means that it's time for another installment of our FANGRRLS Romance recommendations, where your resident romance fans on Team FANGRRLS (that's us) list some of the books we're looking forward to, as well as the slightly older, occasionally non-genre titles that we're finally reading.

We've got over 10 sci-fi, fantasy, and genre-adjacent romance recs on our radar that are being released throughout the month of March, plus our own evergreen recommendations, but this is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means. Let us know what you're planning on reading in the comments below.

Oh, and if you're new to our rec roundups, we're always on the lookout for authors with SFF romance titles to spotlight, so if you're a writer with a book coming out, let us know! You can also chat us up anytime on Twitter, either individually or via SYFY FANGRRLS using the hashtag #FangrrlsRomance. (And don't forget to check out last month's releases in case you're looking to add some slightly older titles to your never-ending to-read pile!)

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Top stories
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Charlie Adhara

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Charlie Adhara (available now)

We love the romance conceit of an undercover mission — even more so when it involves a couple who inadvertently ends up using their cover to work out some of their relationship issues. Agent Cooper Dayton and his partner, Oliver Park, travel to a secluded mountain couples' retreat in order to investigate the disappearance of an alpha werewolf — but the setting they're immersed in is going to force them to work out the dynamics in their relationship before they can even fully concentrate on the case at hand, not to mention there's a bad storm brewing and the clock is officially ticking on narrowing down their list of suspects. It all sounds like a recipe for a really entertaining read, if you ask us.

Lethal Game - Christine Feehan

Lethal Game - Christine Feehan (available now)

When Malichai Fortunes goes after a problem, he does it with a no-holds-barred approach — which probably explains why he ends up taking some forced time off in San Diego after earning himself a painful injury. With nothing but round after round of physical therapy in his near future, Malichai's starting to get restless — until he crosses paths with a healer named Amaryllis. Malichai suspects she might be a GhostWalker like he is, albeit an untrained one, but if he tells her the truth about who he really is, he realizes he's at risk of losing her forever.

Kiss of Vengeance - S. Young

Kiss of Vengeance - S. Young (available now)

New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young (writing as S. Young) releases the second standalone novel in her True Immortality series! Once a high king of Ireland, Fionn Mór led his tribes against the invading fae army, but it was a battle he was fated to lose. Now, centuries later, he's preparing to open the gates to Faerie and challenge its queen, as well as take his revenge. Meanwhile, Rose Kelly travels across Europe in search of elusive details about her life; an attack from a vampire changes her life forever, unlocking powers she never could have imagined. When her and Fionn's paths cross, Rose realizes she may have just been pulled into a war that she's not prepared for — and that's not taking into account the intense battle of wills happening between her and this enigmatic man.

Reborn Yesterday - Tessa Bailey

Reborn Yesterday - Tessa Bailey (March 16)

A new book by Tessa Bailey is an automatic buy for us, and her latest paranormal romance is one we've already got an eye out for. Funeral home director Ginny Lynn is prepared for just another night at work — until the exceptionally handsome (and also very dead) young man on her embalming table sits up and changes the course of her life forever. Turns out Mr. Jonas Cantrell is a vampire — and oops, no humans are supposed to know that he or any other vamps exist. But before he can wipe her mind and erase her memories, she reveals a secret that brings their worlds together in a way neither of them could have anticipated.

Fury Unleashed - N.J. Walters

Fury Unleashed - N.J. Walters (March 23)

Fallen angel Maccus is trying to hold onto what parts of his sanity he has left — but his gig as an assassin might be catching up with him, literally. Now, Hell has sent one of its bounty hunters to seduce and kill him — and she's definitely a little peeved about her latest assignment. Morrigan sold her soul to keep her sister safe, and she's just trying to work off her contract catching bad guys... but she didn't plan for the crazy-hot fallen angel who's going to be more of a challenge than she expects.

The Sinner - J.R. Ward

The Sinner - J.R. Ward (March 24)

In the latest installment of Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, a mercenary and a woman with a mysterious past cross paths ahead of a prophecy that foresees the end of the Omega. Syn's been hiding his side job from the Brotherhood for a while now, but he inadvertently stumbles across the vampire race's new enemy — as well as the half-breed in danger of dying. Jo Early has no idea what she really is, but when a mysterious man appears out of nowhere, she is torn between their unique connection and the strange feeling that something might be very wrong.

Fae King's Temptation - Layla Harper

Fae King's Temptation - Layla Harper (March 26)

The first book in Harper's Court of Bones and Ash series promises the start of an epic romance between fated mates that's worth following along with. He's a fae king with everything to lose; she's the human outlaw who wants to take him down. Law dictates that he kill her, but she's not just any human, and he won't know if he's been cursed or quite possibly received his personal destiny. Either way, they're stuck together. (The author notes that this first book does end in a cliffhanger but the romance will continue in future installments.)

Secrets and Sorcery - Lori Whyte

Secrets and Sorcery - Lori Whyte (March 30)

Ever since the initial manifestation of her powers, Avery Hawk was taught to hide them from the witch and warlock world. But when her brother is kidnapped, she's going to risk everything to find him — including venturing into the heart of the world she's always avoided. Warlock Mike Rosslyn is everything Avery's mother warned her about, but when her brother's attacker sets their sights on her next, he might be her only hope — even if she doesn't anticipate his help threatening the shields around her heart.

Deal with the Dragon - Nicole Blanchard

Deal with the Dragon - Nicole Blanchard (March 31)

Blanchard kicks off a new Immortals Ever After trilogy with this Beauty and the Beast retelling. Unlike the rest of her kind, the heroine of the story is unable to shift into animal form, which renders her ineligible to take the throne she's been raised to inherit. As a result, she ends up banished to a temple to remain in isolation until her family brokers a deal to protect their people: she'll marry the last remaining dragon, a mysterious being rumored to be violent and untameable. But the biggest threat of all might be her attempts at capturing his heart.

Steel Rose - Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Steel Rose - Kathryn Ann Kingsley (March 31)

Viktor Lang, commander of the East Wind Dominion, is a terrifying man who leads an army of automatons and can control lightning itself — and now, as the war of the skies starts coming to a close, Rose Calder is his prisoner. When he discovers her secret, she becomes the mystery he's intent on solving. The war might be over, but the battle for her heart is only just beginning.

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Kayleigh's Miscellaneous Recs

Outside of the wonderful world of romance, I have come very late to the party of the work of Rebecca Roanhorse, particularly her The Sixth World series. Imagine Mad Max with indigenous American folklore and that's just a smidgen of the immense creativity on offer. I practically devoured the first book, Trail of Lightning, and am now powering my way through Storm of Locusts. And yes, there is a hot love interest, just to sweeten the deal!

I also recently finished reading some hardcore early '90s romance cheese in the form of Phantom by Susan Kay. It’s about that Phantom of the Opera and it is hugely trashy. Is it good? I can't say that, but I would be a liar if I said I didn't have the wildest time reading it. If nothing else, I understand every fandom fanfic I ever read as a teenager about 80% more. Consider this book an important addition to my own awareness of my cultural nostalgia. 

For the Earl's Pleasure

Carly's Miscellaneous Recs

I've been tackling some authors on my TBR pile that I've never read before — including Anne Mallory, who doesn't write historical much anymore (and whose return to the genre I am very much crossing my fingers for), but her titles are DELIGHTFUL. Enter For the Earl's Pleasure, which seems like a traditional historical on the surface but actually follows a heroine who can see ghosts (!) and a hero she's hardly friends with in life but forced to help out when he gets kidnapped and she realizes she can see HIM in a ghostly, astral projecting state. It's bonkers and full of bickering tension and I gobbled it up.

Next up on my list is Nalini Singh's A Madness of Sunshine, a thriller from one of my much-loved romance authors. This book isn't exclusively romance, but I'm looking forward to curling up with a summer mystery now that the weather's getting warmer again.