Get Saturn on the NatGeo cover!

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Oct 25, 2006

Bulgaria's gold rush?

A woodpecker?

Neither of these should be on December's cover of National Geographic! It should be Saturn! And you can make it happen.

NatGeo is is having a contest to decide what goes on the December issue's cover. The Saturn image came from Cassini just recently, and judging from the reception it got on my own blog when I posted it the first time, it should clearly be the cover. I mean, woodpeckers are cool, and gold is always nice, but we're talking Saturn here.

Puhleeze. Like it's even a choice.

Currently, Bulgaria is winning (barely). You can make a difference. What has Bulgaria ever done for you?

Tip o' the ring system to, uh, "Cassini Fan" who let me know about this.

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