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Get set for a host of new Marvel comics with our All-New Marvel NOW! guide

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Jan 8, 2014, 12:42 PM EST

Another year, another slate of more than two dozen new Marvel comics to get pumped about.

Late in 2011, Marvel relaunched many of its old series and launched several brand-new ones as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. We got plenty of fun comics out of that movement, including Uncanny AvengersIndestructible HulkYoung AvengersFFAll-New X-Men, a new Guardians of the Galaxy series, an all-female X-Men team and more. Now Marvel's got a whole new bunch of books heading our way through another initiative, All-New Marvel NOW!, which launches today with a Point One one-shot and several all-new first issues, including the series Avengers World, a Black Widow solo book and a new X-Factor series scripted by the legendary Peter David.

Over the next four months Marvel will keep hitting us with All-New Marvel NOW! first issues, including reboots of old favorites (Fantastic FourWolverine and the X-Men, Captain Marvel), new solo ongoing series for a number of big heroes (WolverineThe PunisherShe-Hulk, Silver Surfer), new superteam books (New WarriorsAll-New Invaders) and even a brand-new Marvel superhero (Ms. Marvel).

So, to help you keep track of when you can expect all of these books at your local comics shop, as well as a little bit of what you can expect story-wise from each of them, we put together this handy chronological guide to the All-New Marvel NOW! first issues. If you're a new reader looking to have some low-risk fun with a brand-new book, now's your chance. If you've fallen out of the comics game lately but want to grab something from the beginning, here you go. Or, if you're already in the comics game and you just don't want to have to go to three different web pages to find out the release dates of Moon KnightMagneto and Silver Surfer, we've got you covered.

Check out the gallery below and see how many of the All-New Marvel NOW! comics you'll be adding to your pull list.