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Get set for Suspiria with three Dario Argento vinyl soundtracks from Waxwork Records

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Sep 7, 2018, 5:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Happy birthday, Dario Argento! The iconic director turns 78 today and we have the perfect way to celebrate while absorbing the distinctive flavor and flair of his unsettling supernatural films.

Atmospheric soundscapes have always been an essential component of Italian horror master Argento's catalog of creepy fright flicks over the decades, with collaborations with the synth-tastic tunes of Italian prog-rock band Goblin being the most productive.


To gear up for this month's Suspiria remake from director Luca Guadagnino and music by Radiohead's Thom Yorke, New Orleans-based Waxwork Records is unleashing a tempting trio of Argento-centric vinyl soundtracks for Inferno, Profondo Rosso (Deep Red), and Phenomena.  All releases are available starting September 7 and feature deluxe packaging with new cover artwork and pressed on premium 180-gram vinyl.


Released in 1980, Inferno acts as a thematic sequel to Suspiria and showcases a haunting soundtrack composed by the late Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer fame. It's the second installment of Argento’s “The Three Mothers” trilogy, beginning with Suspiria and ending with The Mother Of Tears.

This stirring soundtrack is a blend of electronic work, orchestral compositions, percussion, piano, and a full choir courtesy of the Chorus of Rome. Waxwork’s freshly mastered and expanded Inferno soundtrack marks the music’s definitive version, available in its complete form on vinyl for the first time. 

Offered on 2xLP “Mater Tenebrarum” colored vinyl (Disc 1: Red and Pink Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter. Disc 2: Opaque Blue and Translucent Blue Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter), and accented with new artwork by Italian Illustration Collective MALLEUS.

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An expanded triple-LP set from the 1975 Giallo-horror movie showcasing the first collaboration between Argento and Goblin. The visionary director was unable to attach Pink Floyd to score the film and instead discovered the moody, synth-heavy progressive rock quartet. Goblin's revolutionary Profondo Rosso score is a perfect balance of synth work, bass guitar, percussion, Jazz, piano, organ, and sound effects. 

Waxwork's release features the original 1975 album by Goblin for the first time on vinyl in its complete form, adding alternate versions, instrumentals, original score music by Giorgio Gaslini, source music, and haunting sound effects. Comes spawned on 180-gram 3xLP “Bloodied Doll” colored vinyl, in a triple gatefold jacket with new artwork by Italian Illustration Collective MALLEUS.

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Scored by Goblin's Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli, Phenomena (AKA Creepers) invaded theaters in 1985 and starred Jennifer Connelly (Labyrinth, Requiem For A Dream) and Donald Pleasance (Halloween, Escape From New York). 

The paranormal classic originally delivered a heavy metal soundtrack by '80’s rockers like Motörhead and Iron Maiden, with only small portions of Goblin's music included. Waxwork’s expanded double vinyl release presents the complete featured Phenomena score for the first time, enhanced with all unused, unreleased, alternate score tracks, suites, and bonus tracks.

This set arrives on 180-gram vinyl (Disc 1 “Insects and Earth” Blue and Green Swirl with Gold Splatter. Disc 2 “Telekinesis” Opaque Orange and Translucent Orange Swirl with Green Splatter), packaged in a heavy old-style gatefold jacket with film laminate gloss coating, an art print, and artwork by Kilian Eng.

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"As massive Argento fans, everyone at Waxwork is so excited to release expanded and deluxe versions of the soundtracks to Profondo Rosso, Inferno, and Phenomena," Waxwork CEO Kevin Bergeron told SYFY WIRE. "These films are important pieces of horror cinema. They're extremely transgressive with their usage of unusual bright colored lighting and abstract cinematography. One thing that certainly sticks out in all of Argento's films is the music. Getting this opportunity to release expanded and complete versions of these amazing soundtracks by the Italian prog-rock group Goblin and the legendary synth master Keith Emerson is a milestone for us, and we think the fans will really be blown away with the special treatment we gave to each album."

All three Argento film soundtracks are available for order now at Waxwork Records.