Get struck by lightning with Koji, Studio Mir's mind-blowing new animated series

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Nov 10, 2018, 4:54 PM EST (Updated)

Studio Mir, which brought you Voltron: Legendary Defender and The Legend of Korrais riding the current of something electrifying. Voltron might be on its final episodes, but that hasn’t stopped them from delving into another sci-fi reality.

The Korean animation studio just revealed the concept trailer for their new animated series Koji, which merges superhuman action with breathtaking imagery that will captivate Voltron and Korra fans—and anyone else who wants to see something out of this world.

Koji is a kid with the unbelievable ability to blast things with lightning. After he lands on an alien planet swarming with strange creatures, he becomes friends with a blue talking cat named Tako, who takes a sort of sadistic pleasure in giving him baths (just think of how cats wash themselves).

Of course, when you land in an outlandishly beautiful place, something evil is going to be lurking there. In this case that would be the Robot King and the metal hordes he deploys to pretty much destroy everything.

The way Koji’s lightning powers manifest onscreen will have you feel like you’re getting zapped as hard as those creepy robots. Crackling surges of blue explode from his hands, and he can also jump inhuman distances with the power of electricity. Like the ice to that fire, Koji’s freezing saliva can freeze any malicious machinery. By the way, the species that inhabit this planet deserve their own moment.

The WatWat bird Koji rides could pass for the offspring of an ostrich and a Chocobo. Scrillum lizard is something of a catfish-reptile mashup that hoards its food like a squirrel. As for what lives in the water, which is surrounded by what can only be a type of huge pink fungus, just know that it can swallow you in one gulp.

Koji is already backed by the cred of having former Disney animator Alexander Snow at its head. While the series is currently being pitched and hasn’t officially been picked up yet, you’re going to wonder who in their right mind wouldn’t want to take this on. Zap yourself over to YouTube and just watch.

(via io9)

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