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Get through your Game of Thrones withdrawal with these Olenna Tyrell pet memes

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Sep 9, 2017

Never judge a lady by her headpiece. Olenna Tyrell might be the fiercest grandma who ever lived (and died by poison) in the Seven Kingdoms or anywhere else. The appropriately thorny Queen of Thorns shows no shame in speaking the truth. It doesn’t matter if the truth is that she killed your son—who also happens to be King of Westeros, first of his name and all that—on his wedding day.

Except she didn’t just kill him. Someone who can be this sociopathic with a straight face doesn’t just kill her victims. The lethal concoction she sneaked into his wine left him purple-faced and foaming at the mouth, certainly not a look befitting a royal corpse. She even has the nerve to admit it at her own execution and drink to her own death without a chaser of remorse. Not like that cockroach Joffrey didn’t deserve what strangled him, but his murderer makes even Violet from Downton Abbey look like a purring kitten.

Speaking of cats.

Now that Season 7 of Game of Thrones has gone out in a blast of blue flame, fans of all species need something to get through the withdrawal, and there must not be enough Tyrion memes out there to appease the hordes. “Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me” is now the newest quote to launch a thousand memes. After a feline that showed some major Olenna cattitude went viral, pets in headpieces from towels to trash can lids have been invading the internet. They all want Cersei to know they used her pillow as a chamber pot or shredded her lavish dresses.

Until the dragons fly again and Jon Snow comes to some really uncomfortable terms about who his relatives are, we present a royal court of pets who want you to know who did it.

Guilty of setting off this whole phenomenon.

The most royal trash can ever.

It's even scarier that this dog did it almost subconsciously.

What Olenna would magically turn people into if she could.

The resemblance is striking.

Cat cosplay just took it to a whole other level.

So did canine cosplay.

When you have no curtains (or just don't want them shredded)...


Genius use for a chewed-up slipper.


So viral, even inanimate objects want in.

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