Get to know the big screen Barry Allen in new Flash clip from Justice League

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Oct 19, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT

We’re less than a month away from the hotly anticipated premiere of Justice League, so isn’t it about time we get to know the big screen version of Barry Allen? Well now you can meet the youngest member of the team in this latest featurette released for "Flash Week," which not only puts the spotlight on him, but also manages to deliver some new footage.

In the featurette, Ezra Miller is on hand to introduce the Scarlet Speedster and offer some insights into the DCEU character, revealing that like his comic book counterpart, the Fastest Man Alive got hit by a bolt of lightning which gave him his meta-human powers. Those include super speed and the very nifty ability to bend time (of sorts) thanks to said super speed.

So, how does Barry feel about being recruited by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) as a member of the fledgling team? “Barry Allen is criminally excited to be part of the Justice League,” Miller says. This is something that was made pretty clear in all the trailers and promos we’ve seen of the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon-directed movie so far. Look at that goofy grin:


The video is part of AT&T Entertainment’s “All in with Justice League” series, which also released a look at Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa). In case you missed it the first time 'round, I’ve also included it below. Justice League opens in movie theaters on Nov. 17.

Get ready to meet Barry Allen (and Aquaman):

(via AT&T)