Get your assignment in first cutscene from Star Wars: Battlefront II story campaign

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Sep 29, 2017

We're not just getting a new Star Wars movie later this year. We're also a getting a much-anticipated new Star Wars game: Battlefront II, the ambitious sequel to 2015's Battlefront

Like its predecessor, we can expect plenty of exciting gameplay from Battlefront II's many combat scenarios, plus a fun multiplayer mode and characters and locations that span the history of Star Wars. Unlike the last game, though, Battlefront II is also offering us something more: a much-requested single-player campaign mode. It's the one thing that really felt like it was missing from Battlefront, and now we're getting it.

To make matters more interesting, the campaign is actually getting a little more ambitious by telling us a previously untold Star Wars story centered on a previously unknown Star Wars character: Iden Versio (Janina Gavankar), an Imperial special forces officer still fighting on behalf of the Emperor even after the events of Return of the Jedi. We've still got a couple of months to go before we learn her full story, but today the first cutscene from the game's campaign mode hit the web to give us a glimpse.


Iden's father, an Imperial admiral, is about to task her with a very important assignment, and a special messenger (who may also be a member of Daft Punk; the scene's not clear on that) is here to get the ball rolling. The Emperor's final order before his passing was to instruct his loyal officers to carry out "Operation Cinder," which is designed to burn away all of the Rebel Alliance's hope even in the midst of their recent victory. Iden and her unit, Inferno Squad, are set to be a key part of the mission. The scene doesn't give us much more than that. In fact, there are details specifically still being hidden from Iden as of this moment in the game, but it's definitely enough to get you intrigued.

Getting a campaign mode for this incarnation of Battlefront was exciting enough, but this particular story is even more of a draw. We're used to seeing Emperor Palpatine as a monstrous force of evil and darkness in the galaxy, but there were people fighting for him who genuinely believed in the order and integrity of the Empire. Iden, in this scene, feels bound to her military service and eager to leap into whatever mission she's given. What will she discover about that mission and her place in the galaxy over time, though? It's a complex question, and hopefully the game will answer it in a satisfying way.

Check out the scene above. Star Wars: Battlefront II arrives November 17, just in time for you to play it all through Thanksgiving instead of talking about politics with your family.


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