Get your first look at Marvel's all-new Nightcrawler solo series

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Mar 12, 2014

Kurt Wagner's got a second chance at life, and he gets to make the most of it with his own solo comic.

Nightcrawler's been a fan-favorite X-Man for nearly four decades now, but for nearly four years we didn't see much of him. The character met his end back in 2010 during the Second Coming event, sacrificing himself to save the "Mutant Messiah," Hope Summers. He finally made his way back from heaven (because of course he was in heaven) when Amazing X-Men launched back in November, and now he's ready to take on a world full of new challenges for mutantkind.

We're all happy to have Nightcrawler back in the Marvel universe, but Marvel announced earlier this year that they're giving us more than just a rebirth. As part of the company's ongoing All-New Marvel NOW! initiative, the character's getting his own ongoing solo series from artist Todd Nauck and legendary writer Chris Claremont, who made Nightcrawler an integral part of the X-Men comics during his monumental run on the X-books from 1975 to 1991. The book's due to drop in April, but if you just can't wait that long to get a peek, we've got a preview right here. Here's Marvel's synopsis:

"When Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to protect mutantkind, a hole was left in the X-Men’s ranks that has never been filled. With his recent resurrection in the pages of Amazing X-Men, Kurt Wagner has returned to a world far different from the one he left behind. Charles Xavier is dead. Scott Summers is on the run. Even Wolverine, his closest friend, has changed, becoming the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. And though a deep schism divides the X-Men, Kurt Wagner isn’t going to waste one minute of his new lease on life.

"Now, Nightcrawler is hitting the road, eager to right some wrongs and help safeguard the future of mutantkind. And he’s going to do it the only way he knows how: swashbuckling, lady-charming, and of course BAMFing!"

Check out the (sadly, unlettered) preview pages, including variant covers by Chris Samnee and Humberto Ramos and a very cool spread of Nightcrawler sparring with Wolverine, in the gallery below. Nightcrawler #1 hits comic book stores on April 9.

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