Get your first look at The CW's Barry Allen in costume as The Flash

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Feb 28, 2014, 5:56 PM EST (Updated)

We've met Barry Allen, we've seen his superhero origin, and now it's time to see his look as the Scarlet Speedster.

Arrow closed out its 2013 run of episodes with a two-part midseason finale that introduced us all to the next piece of the superhero universe that The CW is building with DC Comics characters: Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. Allen made his mark on Starling City, and on Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), before returning to his hometown of Central City where his life was, quite literally, changed in a flash.

Now production is finally set to begin on Allen's own Flash spinoff series, and to help get us in the mood, Warner Bros. Television has dropped the first image of Gustin in his Flash costume, which was designed by three-time Academy Award winner and Arrow costume designer Colleen Atwood. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Flash:

Sadly, it's just a head shot, so we don't yet know how the chest logo will look (if it's there), what color the boots and belt are, or even whether the rest of the costume will maintain the classic streamlined approach. We can see, of course, that Atwood went with a darker shade of red (which isn't surprising for the Arrow-verse), kept the nose mostly uncovered and added a chin-piece, which makes the cowl look a bit more helmet-like. But hey, if you were running really, really, really fast, maybe you'd feel better with a little chin protection too. 

If all goes well, we'll see The Flash premiering on The CW this fall, and hopefully some set photos will provide us with a full-body look at this costume soon. 

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