Get your first look at Grand Moff Tarkin's appearance on Star Wars Rebels

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Feb 3, 2015, 9:20 PM EST (Updated)

Though he was quickly overshadowed by the likes of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, Grand Moff Tarkin remains a satisfying Star Wars villain thanks to both Peter Cushing's regal performance in the role in 1977 and the surprising afterlife the character's managed. After appearing in the original (now retconned) Expanded Universe of novels, Tarkin found new life thanks to the animated series The Clone Wars, in which he was voiced by Stephen Stanton, and just last year he got a brand-new, in-canon novel devoted to his origins. Now he's returned in animated form in Disney's Star Wars Rebels

In the Rebels episode "Call to Action," which will air Monday, Tarkin (still voiced by Stanton) arrives on Lothal, very displeased with the insurgents that seem to be flourishing on the planet despite the efforts of the local government. He displays all the arrogance you've come to expect from the character, then goes on to address the rumors of a Jedi resurgence. As you'll see in the clips below, he's not too worried about them, or too impressed with the Inquisitor, because he had a front-row seat to the Jedi slaughter. 

Tarkin could've easily been a one-off villain, but Cushing's performance in Star Wars made him fascinating, and it's nice to see that legacy living on through not one, but two hit TV series. Rebels has done a good job so far of incorporating original trilogy characters like Yoda and Lando Calrissian into the story, and now we can't wait to see what the show does with Tarkin. At the very least, he's got a pretty awesome entrance. Check out his arrival in the clips below, and tune in to the episode at 9/8C on Feb. 9, on Disney XD.

(Via EW)