Get your first look at The Walking Dead's zombie obstacle course

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

If you're at San Diego Comic-Con, and watching or reading The Walking Dead just isn't enough for you, there's a way to get even closer to the zombie carnage. On Friday night, a massive Walking Dead obstacle course, complete with hundreds of walkers, will open at San Diego's Petco Park, and we just caught our first glimpse.

After six months of planning and two weeks of building by a crew of nearly 600, The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego will open tomorrow night at Petco Park, and if you're up for it you can try your luck at surviving the 15-obstacle zombie apocalypse course.

Tickets are $75 for those who'd like to run the course, which could take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your athletic ability and which obstacles you take on, and $15 if you'd like to just stand by and watch your friends give it a try. An estimated 10,000 survivors are expected to run the course this weekend, along with 4,000 spectators and 650 zombies, who will be transformed by The Walking Dead's special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero and his team of 15 zombie makeup experts.

"What we've really done is build big builds, and the first one you get to is really challenging—it's cargo nets and you climb up a 10-foot-ladder, go up another 10-foot cargo net, come back down and then go back down a slide," said Liam Brenner, producer of The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego. "Our goal was to create the apocalypse in an urban setting, and that's where all the zombies are going to be when the world ends. Here, as you're running through the stadium, every obstacle is themed to be something that should be very urban-like and apocalyptic."

The idea is simple: You'll run through an apocalyptic landscape complete with dead bodies, lots of blood, crashed cars and walkers hungry for your flesh. Every zombie will have special material on its undead hands to mark you with. At the end of the course you'll get scanned by a blue light to see if you were "infected." Prizes await participants at the end of the run, and the first 10,000 people to run the course will get a special free variant edition of The Walking Dead #100, which hit comic book stores this week. And if you're worried that you can't run the course because you're rockin' a massive Optimus Prime costume, head over anyway. Cosplayers are also invited to try their luck.

Based on what we've seen, the course definitely looks challenging even without zombies roaming through it. It even impressed Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

"The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego is a sight to behold," Kirkman said. "You'd think I'd be bored with seeing The Walking Dead come to life after watching nearly three seasons of the show come together, but seeing this obstacle course for the first time really blew me away. In this version of The Walking Dead, the fans can actually experience it firsthand."

Check out the video below. For more information or to buy tickets, visit the event's official site.

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