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Get your first pensive peek at A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2

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Dec 7, 2017, 2:56 PM EST

Despair, dear audience member, for the first languishing look at the second season of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events have sadly made their way online. We wish we'd never laid eyes upon such initial, ill-formed images, but since they're here, we might as pick them apart with the ferocity of Count Olaf attempting to steal a large fortune from three lonely orphans.

The photos depict scenes from the next group of books the show is set to adapt, The Austere Academy (Book #5), The Ersatz Elevator (Book #6), and The Hostile Hospital (Book #8). Since the first season consisted of the first four books, it stands to reason that the seventh book, The Vile Village, will also be a part of the second season, but no images of Fowl Devotees have surfaced yet. 

Based on these production stills, several things are apparently obvious. For one, we're introduced to two new villanous characters from the books, Esme Squalor (Lucy Punch) of 667 Dark Avenue and Carmelita Spats (Kitana Turnbull) of Prufrock Preparatory School. For another, we get a good look at Olaf's (Neil Patrick Harris) disguise as Gunther, the auctioneer as well as a glimpse of Café Salmonella, a seafood restaurant and major setting in The Ersatz Elevator. Then there's Olaf and his theater troupe dressed as fake doctors in The Hostile Hospital. In the book, Olaf pretends to be Mattathias, head of the hospital's Human Resources department and is only ever heard via an uningratiating intercom. Nevertheless, these pictures are an assurance that the show will continue with its detailed and outlandish costuming/production design. 

Based on the young adult series by Lemony Snicket (real name, Daniel Handler), the series focuses on three Baudelaire orphans, Violent (Malina Weissman), Klaus (Louis Hynes), and Sunny (Presley Smith) who move from legal guardian to legal guardian as the nefarious Count Olaf uses lies, murder, disguises, and terrible acting in order to obtain the massive fortune their parents left behind. The world in which the books and show are set is a timeless, suburban gothic universe reminiscent of Tim Burton. On their abhorrent adventures, the orphans stumble upon a secret society known as V.F.D., plunging them further and further into a global mystery.

In addition to Punch, Tony Hale, Nathan Fillion, and Roger Bart in the roles of Jerome Squalor, Jacques Snicket, and Vice Principal Nero respectively. Patrick Warburton and K. Todd Freeman return as Lemony Snicket and Mr. Poe. Men in Black director, Barry Sonnefeld executive produces the series, whose second season arrives in 2018.