Get your first very brief glimpse of Days of Future Past footage NOW

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Oct 24, 2013

We won't get the full trailer until next week, but Bryan Singer thought it would be fun to tease us anyway.

The official X-Men Movies Instagram account posted a video earlier today that contains just a few brief seconds of footage from the forthcoming first trailer for Bryan Singer's third go-round with the Children of the Atom, and though there's no real sense of plot or tone here, there is plenty of action and a good look at several of our favorite mutants. We've got Wolverine looking as un-aging as ever, we've got young Xavier firing up Cerebro, old Xavier ducking danger, Mystique facing young Magneto, Beast roaring, Storm stirring up some lightning and something hidden under the floor of the Oval Office. The footage opens, very appropriately, with a shot of a blinking eye, but make sure you don't blink, because then you might have to play the video all over again. 

Yes, sadly it really is that short, but we won't have to wait long to see the rest. Singer will participate in a Twitter chat on Monday ahead of the full trailer release, which will happen on Tuesday. After that, we'll surely see more trailers and a ton of promotional material ahead of the film's May 23, 2014, release.

Check out the teaser video below. What do you think? Was it worth watching, or would you rather Singer just drop the full trailer already?


(Via Instagram)

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