Get a closer look at Batman's awesome plane in new TDKR footage

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Along with new villains, new potential allies and serious new threats to the people of Gotham, Batman's also dealing with some new toys in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. The coolest of those new toys is Batman's brand-new flying ride, and it's the centerpiece of the latest TV spot for the flick.

Though we were expecting this thing to be called "The Batwing" from the moment we learned it was in the movie, we've since learned that it's called simply "The Bat." The name, along with the rest of this clever dream machine, comes courtesy of the ever-resourceful Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) visits Fox in his lair at Wayne Enterprises and asks him to help get Batman "back in the game." Fox throws this bad boy his way, and in a throwback to Batman Begins notes that, yes, "it does come in black."

The Dark Knight Rises opens everywhere July 20, but as this TV spot notes, advance tickets are already on sale, so you may want to move fast if you're hoping to make that midnight showing.

Check out the spot below. What do you think? Is it about time Batman took the skies again?

(Via MovieHole)