Get a good look at the head of Prometheus' spooky space jockey

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Dec 16, 2012

Most of what's going on with Ridley Scott's Prometheus is still under very, very tight wraps, but among the things we do keep hearing is the term "space jockey." Now, thanks to a sneaky (and brave) person inside the flick's production, we're staring him in the face.

Well, not exactly the face, as this is more of a helmet or a mask, but it definitely bears a strong resemblance to the massive, seemingly dead alien creature found by the crew of the Nostromo in Scott's original Alien. The pics were taken by an anonymous someone who claims to have worked in the Prometheus art department, who passed the images on to Cinemart.

Scott's been saying for a while that a bit of Alien DNA will be making its way into this film, particularly in the final minutes, but so far the only connection he's publicly made between this film and his original sci-fi classic is the space jockey. Here's what he had say last month, not about the jockey itself exactly, but at least what it represents to the themes of Prometheus:

"And this one does actually raise all kinds of other questions, because if someone could, a being, could be as monstrously clever to create something like we experienced in the very first one—I always figured it's a weapon, and I always figured that [the ship in the first Alien] was a carrier of weapons. Therefore, who is that, inside that suit? That wasn't a skeleton, that was a suit. And if you open up the suit, what do you get inside it? And why were they going, where were they going?"

If you're game to watch the Prometheus trailer again (and hey, why wouldn't you be?), you'll notice some space jockey connections there, too, including his massive chair from Alien in action (only for a second, but what a second!). As for the mask, you can tell it's not exactly in final on-screen shape in these photos, but it does help us to piece more of the Prometheus/Alien connection together.

Scott has said he wanted to do as many of his Prometheus effects CGI-free as possible, so obviously this mask was designed for wear by an actor. But which actor? And when? And for how long? Are there more of these for other actors? Damn, every new answer just raises more questions when it comes to Prometheus. But that's half the fun.

(Cinemart via Bleeding Cool)