Get a sneak peek at Smallville's Erica Durance as Wonder Woman

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Dec 16, 2012

A couple of months ago we told you about Smallville co-star Erica Durance's chance to play Wonder Woman, albeit briefly, in a guest appearance on David E. Kelley's legal series Harry's Law. Now the episode is ready to air, and we finally get to see Durance in action.

As we already know, Durance doesn't actually get to play Wonder Woman herself (if she did, Harry's Law would certainly be a more interesting show). She guest-stars as Annie Bilson, a mentally unstable woman who dresses up as the DC Comics heroine to dish out her own form of vigilante punishment. In the clip, we see her on trial for breaking into a man's house and beating him senseless, all while dressed as everyone's favorite Amazon.

"The way that I was able to work with the character Wonder Woman in this is through the eyes of a woman who desperately needed a strong female archetype to look up to, and she had gone through such terrible things and this was her alter ego," Durance told TV Guide back in December. "I would challenge anybody who said that she didn't think she was Wonder Woman. This is how she found her way out."

"So, as an actress, getting to put on the suit and play Wonder Woman was fantastic, and then I got this whole other layer because of the way David E. Kelley had written it, to ground it in this kind of humanistic viewpoint, which was lovely."

Of course, because this is David E. Kelley's show, a little bit of his failed Wonder Woman pilot had to leak through to Durance's appearance. You'll notice that her costume is basically identical to the second Adrienne Palicki model that NBC rolled out after the first costume was the subject of so much Internet revulsion. But hey, at least a Smallville fan favorite is in the suit this time.

Durance's episode of Harry's Law will air Wednesday at 9/8 Central on NBC.

(via TV Guide)